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10th Jul 2013

For all the people that are trying to find what class and what job position you fall in, You can use this link. http://ocs-clan.weebly.co ... m/clan-members.html

This section of the forums are for posting a class or vehicle transfer. When you are assigned a class or transportation subject, you are expected to play as that when you are with the team. If the squad leader ask's you to then switch jobs for a temporary time in game, you do so. Make sure you help out the team based on your job class.

If your a MEDIC, you want to stay near people to through down med-kits and revives.
If your a ENGINEER, your are expected to destroy the enemy vehicles and heal our friendly ones. Most people in this class go with the tank crew men for assistance and repairs.
If your SUPPORT, your expected to supply the soldiers with ammo and grab a LMG and lay down suppressing fire. IF needed to, you may be asked to go in as a motor squad
If your a SNIPER, your expected to scout other soldiers using select, and also get behind enemy lines. This is OUR special ops team, get in there, plant a spawn beacon and get out undetected.

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Forum » Battle Field 4 Forums » Roster and Jobs
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