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Welcome to the Out-Cast Squad Forums
We are a competitive gaming community for the games Battlefield 4 as well as Black Ops 2. We are a structured gaming clan that is currently looking for more team mates with good communication and teamwork skills

Battle Field 4 Up Date

We are currently back on track with recruiting and expanding the clan back to our full size. Please be sure to keep up to date on clan meetings and practices. Be sure to get new players information and gamer tags.  Once you get together with them besure to work on teamwork and communication skills. Learn how your fellow clan mates play and how the use communication. Start to work on strategies and different plans and exicution. Also use each class to your abilities. For example. If your running with a full 5 man squad, have 2 medics, one shotgun, one assault rifle. Have 2 support for ammo and LMG's for suppressing fire and a scout for a radio beacon to get the upper hand. Switch it up from time to time to find the best classes for your squad mates.

If you would like to join
Please go back to our homepage at www.ocs-clan.com and apply there on the top link bar where it says Join Us. The Call Of Duty:Ghost AND Battle Field 4 Applications are both there, Fill out the appropriate one and send it to an admin.

If you have any of those things and would like to get in contact with an admin or the community. Please go to the forums at the top navigation bar and you can post it in the appropriate section. From there you will be receiving a response so may sure you check back every so often to see the response.
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